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Translating into a visual medium, an expression of color, light and sound feels at times effortless and other times the greatest challenge. I often feel that working in two and even three dimensions is simply not enough information to accurately articulate the information I receive from my own experiences as a human being. Creating large bodies of vibrant hues using various mediums (resins, oil pigments, light and objects) offer myself the opportunity to be immersed in an intimate perspective; a unique physical space that is translated from an ethereal space within my heart and mind, stimulated largely, by sound and vibration – often experienced as emotion. As a multi-dimensional translator, a mindful term that I use to describe a physical being, though it seems to better describe creative human beings, my work is a reflection of my travels; sexuality; a continuous reorganizing/redefining sense of self, focused through experiences that I perceive as spiritually charged. Art is a process I use to move myself through time and personal anxieties. I gather a catalog of textures, emotions, pigments, and light, using sketches, photographic references, and found objects. I establish a new vantage point; a new perspective of myself interpreted through video, painting, and sculpture, illustrating my personal journey into relationships with individuals, vast landscapes, nature, and creative, queer-conscious-communities.

The character in my films and photography, Mistress Morganna, is a seer, a satirist, a deity, and a witch. The videos are an attempt to express her ideas and her personality, which is an ongoing development. She is the seer and perceiver of the dimensions of imagination, video, super-sensed and ethereal. Mistress Morganna helps realize and pacify the occult inspiration that drive some of my work. As not many people accept or believe in the power of thought as an object, a quantifiable element, a thing with weight, of power and reality. I often omit (visually) a direct reference to spiritual intentions/inspiration behind a work of art and instead focus on the technical and aesthetic values to describe my work. I’m reminded of a passage describing the work of director, Kenneth Anger. Similarly, much of my work has a spiritual charge.







Currently my videos are invocations to my inner being. A calling to Her. The Goddess, the priestess within myself, as well as, I believe, within all things.

They are very much a window into her world and my imagination/reality. They are portals into an experience that she interprets for the viewer, through her vision she is able to translate and relate to the mundane world from which she is viewed.



“As his films demonstrate, …[Anger] regards film as having the potential, when properly used, to invoke primal forces, perhaps even demons. …these demons can affect not only those involved in the film’s production, but also…the film's audience[.]” (Moonchild: The Films of Kenneth Anger, Hunter 5-6)